Dragon Ball stands for dream, pursuit, persistence and enthusiasm. For the fans of Dragon Ball, the dream is always in their hearts. The most interesting mobile game “Z Fighters” will take you on an adventure in Dragon Ball world. Based on the original manga’s plot, Z Fighters has many adventure stages. In the game, player can meet kind Goku, exchange Shenron cards with the pervy Master Roshi, and so on. During the adventure, every instance consumes 1 Energy. The Bean of Korin is indispensable for players. Using 1 Bean, player can recover 12 Energy. Only those has enough Beans can upgrade faster and faster. 


How to get the valuable Energy? ==== 1, Recover in the system: players can recover 1 Energy every 30 minutes.
2, VIP Players can buy Energy limited times daily.
3, In the Growth, Korin gives player Energy 2 times at Midday to 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM, adds 10 Energy each time. Remember to claim it.

We have shared with you how to upgrade quickly. Now start your journey in Z Fighters, and fight to be the strongest.