Since launched, the popular mobile game – Z Fighters – is well liked among players. If you want to experience the thrilling Dragon Ball world, it is vital to have a good start.

1.The first character selection mainly depends on player’s interest. As for me, I prefer Trunks. His hair style is nice and classic. More importantly, his skill is group attack, so he is very useful for the players who like team battle. Usually, the character with this powerful group attack skill does relative lower damage at early period. During later period, he can do powerful damage

Difficulty: ★★★★★

2.Kid Gohan, the cry baby, belongs to physical attack type in attributes, and he has single target damage skill. His continuous output is quite powerful, so it is the players who like to fight alone.

Difficulty: ★★

3.The Spirit of Cell Jr. is the highest among the three characters. The skill damage is closely related to the spirit. With the exclusive skill, he can do powerful damage. If you like Mana-type and are wild about skill match, take your fish fork and fight together with the miniature version merman, Cell Jr.

Difficulty: ★★★★

Now, you have already known the start secret of Z Fighters, enter the fantasying world, and challenge the gods.